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Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight have been found- Robert O’Block Blog

by on May.07, 2013, under Forensics

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Great news hit the papers today with word that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight have been found and rescued. It turns out that all three women, who went missing at different times, had all been held hostage in the same house for over 10 years. The girls had been missing since Amanda was 16, Gina was 14, and Michelle was 20. To many citizens, they were presumed dead.

Three brothers have been arrested in regards to their kidnapping, but they have not yet been charged as police have 36 hours to do so. The brothers’ names areĀ  Onil Castro, and 50, Ariel Castro, 52, and Pedro Castro, 54. It has been said that the house was owned by Ariel.

The young women escaped when Amanda Berry shouted out to neighbors that heard her and helped her escape. With Amanda was a six year old girl who has been confirmed to be Amanda’s daughter. Amanda and her daughter went to a neighbor’s to call police, who arrived within minutes. It is possible that there were more children inside, though news reports currently vary. Surprisingly, all the women appeared to be healthy.

In the past, authorities had investigated Ariel Castro’s home twice, but he was never under suspicion of kidnapping. They arrived once after Castro reported a fight on the street outside his home, and a second time when he was under investigation while working as a bus driver. Castro reportedly went on lunch break with one child still on the bus. No criminal charges were ever filed.

The neighborhood in which the girls were found is said to be close knit with a high Puerto Rican population. Castro had both an American and a Puerto Rican flag hanging in front of his house. His neighbors described him as ordinary, and never noticed anything unusual. None of them appeared to know that there were any women living inside the home.

For more information and to view the main source for the story, click here.


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